How to Style a Waterproof Trench Coat for a Fashionable Look on Rainy British Days?

From the bustling city streets of London to the quiet countryside of Yorkshire, rain is no stranger to the British Isles. This means that a waterproof trench coat is a must-have in every wardrobe. But wearing a trench doesn't mean you have to compromise on style. In fact, with a bit of know-how, this practical raincoat can form the basis of a chic, weather-ready look.

History and Relevance of the Trench Coat

Before we delve into the styling aspect, let's take a moment to appreciate the history and relevance of the trench coat. This garment, now a staple in many closets, has its roots in the battlefields of World War I. Initially designed to protect soldiers from harsh weather conditions, the trench coat has evolved over the years. It's moved from the battlefield to fashion runways, all the while maintaining its practicality and versatility.

Despite its military origins, the trench coat is far from mundane. With its double-breasted design, wide lapels, and waist cinching belt, the trench offers a classic silhouette that flatters all body types. The waterproof versions have an additional layer of practicality, making them a boon for anyone braving the unpredictable British weather.

Choosing the Right Trench Coat

When shopping for a trench coat, remember that the choice will largely depend on your personal style and body type. Men often prefer straight-cut, longer trench coats, while women might opt for a shorter, tailored version. However, there's a lot of overlap, and the best trench coat really comes down to personal preference.

The colour of your trench is another important factor. The classic beige is a timeless choice that pairs well with most other colours. However, don't be afraid to experiment with other hues. A black trench coat, for instance, can add a sleek, sophisticated edge to your look.

Styling Your Trench Coat for a Fashionable Look

Once you've chosen your trench coat, it's time to think about styling. The beauty of the trench coat is that it can be dressed up or down, and can be paired with a wide variety of garments.

For a casual, everyday look, try pairing your trench coat with jeans and a simple sweater. Add a pair of boots and you've got an outfit that's both stylish and practical. If you're dressing up for a more formal occasion, pair your trench with a dress or suit. Add some high-heeled boots or smart shoes, and you're ready to make an impression, come rain or shine.

Remember, the trench coat is not just a raincoat, but a style statement. So, don't shy away from adding accessories. Scarves, hats, gloves, and bags can all add a personal touch to your look.

Caring For Your Trench Coat

Even the best trench coat requires care to maintain its look and functionality. Regularly cleaning your coat will keep it looking its best, while maintaining its waterproof qualities. Check the care label for specific instructions, but as a general rule, avoid harsh cleaning products and high heat.

If your trench coat has a removable liner, take it out before cleaning. This will allow you to clean both the coat and the liner more thoroughly. Remember to button up your coat and fasten the belt before cleaning to maintain its shape.

All in all, the perfect trench is one that fits you well, suits your style, and keeps you dry on those rainy British days. Whether you're a man or a woman, shopping for a chic, waterproof trench coat can be a fun and rewarding experience. With the right coat and the right styling, you'll be ready to face the rain in style.

How to Wear Your Trench Coat

Deftly styling your trench coat can elevate your outfit and make a remarkable impression. Your trench coat, apart from protecting you from the elements, can be a key piece in your ensemble, reflecting your personal style and fashion sense.

For a relaxed, everyday look, why not pair your trench coat with jeans and a simple sweater? Throw in a pair of comfortable boots, and you've got a fashionable yet practical outfit perfect for a rainy day. Men could further enhance this look by selecting a single breasted trench coat for a sleek finish. On the other hand, women may want to opt for a double-breasted trench coat to create a chic, sophisticated vibe.

If you're preparing for a more formal occasion, consider pairing your trench with a sharp suit or a chic dress. A black trench could add an air of elegance to your ensemble. To finish this look, add some high-heeled boots or smart shoes. Make an impression, whether it's a downpour or a drizzle.

Keep in mind, your trench coat isn't just a rain jacket; it's a style statement. So, feel free to complement your look with accessories. Scarves, hats, gloves, and bags can all bring a personal touch and complete your outfit. If you wish to show off your style on your social media accounts, you could view post Instagram for some inspiration on how to style your trench coat.

Conclusion: Embrace the Rain in Style

In conclusion, the trench coat, with its historical relevance and timeless design, can be a practical and stylish addition to any wardrobe. The key is to select a trench coat that not only fits well but aligns with your personal style. Be it a classic beige or a sophisticated black trench, there's a trench coat out there for everyone. Whether it's a single-breasted or a double-breasted trench, each one has its charm and style quotient.

Remember to care for your coat properly to maintain its water-resistant qualities and prolong its lifespan. Regular cleaning and avoiding harsh cleaning products and high heat will ensure your trench coat remains in perfect condition.

Lastly, don't be afraid to experiment with your look. Add accessories, play with color schemes, and mix and match with different outfits to find a style that truly resonates with you. After all, fashion is all about expressing oneself. So, go ahead, embrace the rain in style. With the right trench coat and the perfect styling, you'll be ready to face any rainy day outfits head-on. Just remember to post a shared photo on net porter to inspire others with your rain-ready look.

The trench coat truly is a versatile and essential piece for any wardrobe. It's not just about staying dry on those rainy British days; it's about doing it with style and panache. So, go ahead and make your trench coat your fashion statement today.

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